Buildings & Concrete Infrastructures - In-situ Galvanising Metallic Paint

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Buildings & Concrete Infrastructures

Area of Application
Steel is a main component in the construction of infrastructure and building. Corrosion protection to the steel are of paramount importance to prevent structural failure, loss of life, loss of capital investment and environment damage.
Concrete reinforced with steel bar or rebars are widely used in contruction industries. Due to carboantion, acid rain, chloride and chemicals of deicing salt spray on roads during winter, it can lower the alkalinity and passication properties of concrete resulting corrosion of steel bars that leads to spalling and cracking of concrete structures.
Cool Galv offers an effective and sustainable protection system for steel structures to save huge expenses in repair, maintenance and replacement of the infrastruftures facilities. It provide durable and cost competitive system than other protection methods with a thin layer of metallic coating at 40-60 microns for rebars.
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